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This recipe comes from the Korean Natural Farming (KNF) tradition where it is called Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ).  This fertiliser is used to encourage greater flowering and fruiting in adult plants.  As the main ingredients are fruit and sugar, it is entirely edible!  Yes!  Edible Fertiliser!

Typically the Asian inspired recipe calls for a combination of Banana (Potassium), Papaya (Sugar), and Squash (Beta-Carotene).  In Australia we can substitute the Papaya with Apple and the Squash with Pumpkin. However, you can use any fruit in this recipe with the exception of citrus.  The photograph on this page shows the result of using native Lilli-Pilli.  Using unwashed fruit from your own garden is the ideal as it will contain a natural biome, but for suburbanites, left over purchased fruit will work just fine.


Ingredients:  Fruit & Raw Sugar in Equal Quantities

Method:  Pick Fruit.  Chop Fruit.  Massage with Raw Sugar.  Pack into Glass Jar to 2/3 or ¾ mark.  Cover with breathable lid such as a paper towel.  Ferment for 7 Days (Longer if temperatures are lower).  Strain Liquid.  Compost Solids.  Use immediately or add extra Brown Sugar and refrigerate for up to 2 years.

Dilution: Teaspoon per 3-4 Litres Water (Approximately 1:800 to 1:1000).  Apply by watering onto foliage and soil.

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