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This recipe comes from the Korean Natural Farming (KNF) tradition where it is called Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate (WCAP).  The liquid form of calcium phosphate that the recipe creates is immediately accessible by plants.

Calcium Phosphate is particularly important for plants when they reach the stage of their life cycle when they are beginning to form more rigid stems, trunks and branches.  So it is ideal for firming up vegetable seedling as they grow larger.


Ingredients:  Charred Animal Bones & Vinegar

Method:  Char the animal bones on a BBQ.  Crush the bones to increase surface area.  In a glass jar combine 1 parts charred bone to 10 parts vinegar.  Allow to react for 7-14 days.  Strain and bottle the solution.  Any remaning solids can be added to your compost.

Dilution: Teaspoon per 4 Litres Water (approximately 1:1000).  Water into the soil around the plant.

Calcium Phosphate Solution: About
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