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This recipe comes from the Korean Natural Farming (KNF) tradition where it is called Water Soluble Calcium (WSC).  The liquid form of calcium is immediately accessible by plants.

Calcium is particularly important for plants when they reach the reproductive stage of their life cycle.  So if you want more and better flowers and tastier more nutritious fruit, this is the solution for you!


Ingredients:  Washed Egg Shells & Vinegar

Method:  Wash the Egg Shells to remove protein layer inside.  Dry and then Char Egg Shells unevenly.  Some dark and some lightly charred.  Crush Charred Egg Shells.  In a glass jar, combine 1 Part Charred Egg Shells to 10 Parts Vinegar.  Allow to react for around 10 days when signs of bubbling will have ceased.  Strain and bottle.  Place and remaining solids in your compost bin.

Dilution: Teaspoon per 4 Litres Water (approximately 1:1000).  Water into the soil around the plant.

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