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Natural Gardeners tend to appreciate bio-diversity and often plan their gardens to encourage it.  They focus on the basic needs of native wildlife:  Food, Water and Shelter.

Plants with flowers, fruit and seeds provide a great source of natural food and planting them in clusters creates shelter.  Specialist suppliers can provide advice on plant species that are indigenous to your specific location.  These plants not only grow with less care but they also tend to attract native wildlife. 

Untidy areas often provide shelter opportunities, although even in the neatest garden we can deliberately integrate attractive looking habitats such as log and rock piles or walls. 

Insect Hotels are becoming increasingly popular and range from a few holes drilled into a log to attractive and functional eco-sculptures.  Similarly, bird nesting boxes and even boxes for micro-bats can provide homes for expert pest controllers. 

In hot climates the presence of a safe water source is critical in attracting beneficial pollinators and predators.  Bird Baths, Fish Ponds and Bee-Safe Water Fountains are all options worth integrating into your garden. 

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