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The use of synthetic fertilisers is not only unsustainable but damaging to our environment.  Run off from suburban lawns and gardens enters the storm water system and can result in algal blooms in our waterways.  Harsh synthetic fertilisers can also damage the soil microorganisms which are essential for a healthy garden.  

Choosing organic alternatives is a great way to save you money, improve the health of your garden and contribute to a better environment.  Natural Farmers have developed a wide range of recipes for fertilisers which you can replicate at home.  Some are even edible.  Yes edible Fertilisers!  

Even better news is that most of these fertilisers can be made at home from items in your pantry, kitchen or garden waste, and foraged from the local environment.  

So ignore the expensive shiny plastic containers promising “Miracle Growth” and get back to nature with these natural fertilisers and nutrients.

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