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This fertiliser aims to capture the energy and growth enzymes contained in sprouting seeds to use in our gardens.  In Asian Farming traditions it is often referred to as Sprouted Seed Tea (SST) or Fermented Sprouted Seed Tea (FSST). 

It can be used almost as an instant Green Manure to add nutrients into the soil.  Seedlings and young plants respond especially well to this solution.  The type of seed can be varied depending on the qualities you are seeking to extract.  Instead of buying seed in tiny packets from the gardening store, experiment with Bird Seed from the supermarket or even larger bags of seed from a Fodder Store.  Both keep the costs down.  


Place a wet tea towel at the base of a container and cover with a layer of seeds.  Place in adequate light and cover with glass or plastic wrap to keep insects and birds out.  Keep the tea towel moist.  After approximately a week the sprouts will reach a few centremetres in length.  They can then be liquefied in a blender.  The liquid can then be strained if desired and the solids added to the compost.  It can be used immediately or fermented to last longer.  To ferment simply add an equal weight of Raw Sugar and store in a dark place for a week or two.  Do not to fill the bottles up too much and release the gases daily.  Dilute the solution by adding a few Teaspoons/Tablespoons to a watering can before applying to the soil.

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