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Bokashi is a system of composting developed in Japan which uses microorganisms to break down food waste anaerobically (without oxygen).  The beauty of Bokashi is that it is specifically designed for urban and suburban living.  Food is placed into a Bokashi bucket and sprinkled with some inoculated bran before sealing the lid.  Within a short period of time a liquid can be drained from the tap at the bottom of the bucket.  This liquid can be diluted and used as a microbe rich plant tonic. Once the bin is full it can be taken outside and the waste buried or added to your external compost bin.  The microorganisms are very effective at breaking down the waste material and essentially ferment them. Buried in the soil the waste quickly attracts worms.  Placed within an external compost heap Bokashi waste will often accelerate the composting process.  It can also be combined with charcoal to make Bio-Char. For the busy suburbanite the Bokashi bucket and bran can be purchased at most hardware and gardening stores.  However it is also possible to make your own and many bucket designs are available online.

Recipe: Bokashi Coffee Grounds & Wheat Bran Recipe (Pictured)

Mix used 500g Coffee Grounds with 500g Wheat Bran, 100g Raw Sugar or 60ml Molasses, 1 Teaspoon Lactobacillus Serum and some De-Chlorinated Water.  Ferment in a bucket  with a lid for 3-4 weeks.  Spread the moist mixture out on a tarp to dry in dappled light.  The dry bran can be stored in a sealed tin or bag (away from sunlight) and use as required.

Japanese Bokashi: About Me
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