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In the Korean Natural Farming tradition, Lactobacillus is often referred to as the Environmental Police Force.  It is considered effective at controlling the unruly microorganisms whilst encouraging those doing good things.  It is an establisher of balance and harmony and key to preventing disease.  It’s also quite easy to make with items that you probably have in your kitchen refrigerator and pantry.  Lactobacillus Serum or LAB is diluted in de-chlorinated water so as not to kill any of the bacteria.  It can then be applied to the soil in a watering can or sprayed onto foliage.  For vegetable growers, Lactobacillus can be very effective in controlling diseases like Powdery Mildew on Zucchini, Pumpkins and Cucumbers.


Ingredients:  White Rice, Water, Milk

Method:  Wash White Rice in warm water.  Discard Rice and keep the Cloudy Water.  Place outside in open container for a week.  It will separate into two layers.  White solids on top and a cloudy liquid in underneath.  Sometimes white solids may also sink to the bottom.  Extract the liquid and add to ten parts whole milk.  Cover and allow to ferment for a week.  The solid “cheese” layer can be composted or fed to animals.  The cloudy liquid is LAB.

Dilution: Teaspoon 4 Litres of Water (Approximately 1:1000).  

Lactobacillus Serum: About Me
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