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An appreciation of the role of microorganisms is essential to Natural Gardening.  Microorganisms are the foundation of any healthy ecosystem. They provide food at the bottom of a complex and interconnected food chain.  They exchange nutrients with the roots of our plants and optimise growth.  And a diverse and balanced garden biome helps protect against pests and disease. As Natural Gardeners we need to actively encourage the presence or microorganisms in our gardens and we can do this by cultivating, feeding and housing them.  Natural Farming approaches from around the world provide ways in which you can cultivate microorganisms in your own garden for little to zero cost.  Ideas to feed and house the microorganisms are included in the links to “Fertilisers & Nutrients” and “Carbon”.  Remember, applying microorganisms alone will only have a limited impact on your garden.  To be fully effective you need to establish an environment in which they can thrive. 

In life we are often told to “Think Big”, but success in Natural Gardening begins by thinking small.  Microscopically small.

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Micro-Organisms: About Me
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