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Much of the information on this website comes from the wisdom of Natural Farmers from around the world.  Gardeners can learn a lot from Farmers.  They grow things for a living.  If they get it wrong they can quite literally “Lose the Farm”.  As a result Natural Farmers have found some ingenious ways to reduce and even eliminate input costs whilst simultaneously regenerating their farm land.

Natural Farming takes many different forms around the world.  There is the Japanese “Do Nothing” approach of the legendary Masanobu Fukuoka.  Australia’s own Permaculture has become a world-wide movement.  Aerated Compost Teas are increasingly popular in many western countries.  Korean techniques have been particularly influential throughout Asia and Hawaii.  On the sub-continent, Indian Zero Budget Farming is quite literally saving the lives of debt burdened peasant farmers.  Ancient systems of agriculture from Africa and the Americas are also re-emerging and being taken seriously by even the most hardened of scientists.  Most recently we Australians have also been awakened to the agricultural methods practiced by our own indigenous peoples. 

There is a wealth of knowledge to be drawn from Natural Farming traditions around the world.  And the beauty is that it costs almost nothing for you to try these recipes and ideas in your own garden.  It’s also a lot of fun!  So why not given them a go.

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