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My name is Nige and I’m a suburban gardener from Adelaide in South Australia. I’m a husband, father and dog owner.  I work full time and I do way too much business travel.  As a result my garden is less than perfect. 

Gardening does however provide the perfect therapy to my busy life.  To ensure that it is also therapeutic to the planet I’m committed to replacing commercial inputs and synthetic chemicals with natural alternatives.  I draw my motivation from the proven wisdom of Natural Farmers from around the world and I enjoy finding ways to apply their techniques to my very suburban lifestyle. 

I’ve personally experimented with all the techniques and recipes on this website and found them to be beneficial.  But I don’t claim to be an expert and I’m not formally trained.  I’m just an enthusiastic and open-minded gardener who is constantly looking for better ways to garden with nature.  I hope that you enjoy my little website.

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Natural Nige: About Me
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My community presentations are often described as half Mad Professor and half Harry Potter and are entertaining for both adults and children.  Participants help conduct interactive experiments/recipes to make environmentally friendly gardening “potions” with a variety of safe ingredients. 

These processes involve lessons in some basic scientific principles including osmosis, chemical reactions, and the presence and use of environmental biomes. 

However the central message is about empowering suburbanites to make positive choices so that their gardens contribute to the health of the planet rather than detract from it. 

Please note that I do require some advanced notice to plan around my work and family commitments.  A small charge covers expenses and helps to maintain this website.

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Natural Nige: About Me
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