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Pesticides typically have two components.  An insecticide and a wetting agent which ensures that it sticks to the pest. 

The Korean JADAM system uses plants that are not troubled by insect pests as they are likely to have inherent insecticidal properties.  The following recipe can be modified by substituting different plant material.  Non-Toxic plants are recommended for safety reasons.  The ideal dilution is the minimum amount required to kill the targeted pest.  Experimentation is part of the fun of Natural Gardening.

JADAM Herbal Solution (JHS) Recipe

1kg Chosen "Insecticidal" Plant Material (Non-Toxic Recommended)

5 Litres Water

Bring to the boil and simmer for 4-5 hours.

Strain and Bottle.

Dilute to effective level for pest species.

Wetting Agent Recipe

For most Australian suburban gardeners there is no need to replicate the complex natural wetting agents used by Natural Farmers. In most cases we can rely upon the tried and tested formula of White Oil. 

I cup of Vegetable Oil

¼ Cup of Bio-Degradable Detergent

Dilute 20ml to 1 Litre of Water

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There are lots of recipes for Chilli sprays but most have to be made up every time you need them and used within a week.  This recipe is shelf stable because the Chilli is both fermented and tinctured in alcohol.  This recipe can also be applied to other pungent aromatic ingredients.  Garlic and Ginger are just two examples.  In fact, combining different tinctures can produce better deterrent and insecticidal results.  Keep your tinctures in separate bottles and combine them as required.


Dried Chillies or Fresh Chillies*

Raw Sugar

Stubbie of Beer

Bottle of Vodka

Chop the Dried Chillies and cover with enough Beer to re-hydrate them.  Drink the remainder of the beer if you wish!  After the Dried Chillies have fully re-hydrated mix in an equal weight of Raw Sugar.  If using Fresh Chillies you do not need to use the beer, but feel free to drink it as Natural Gardening is thirsty work!  (With Fresh Chillies simple chop them and mix with equal weight of Raw Sugar.)  Allow this mix to ferment for around 5-7 days.  You can then add Vodka (or any high proof spirit).  This will end the fermentation and begin to tincture the Chillies.  Allow to tincture for a month or longer.  Strain the contents and bottle.  Dilute to the minimum strength necessary to deter and/or kill the targeted pest.

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