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You might think that applying Sea Water to your garden is madness and that the salt would be harmful.  However Sea Water contains many important minerals and if applied in a diluted form (30 Litre Fresh Water: 1 Litre Sea Water) it can be extremely beneficial.  Scientific studies of tomatoes treated with Sea Water have proven that the nutrient levels and taste are superior.  Taking water from the surface layer is recommended, because it is less saline and contains useful microorganisms.  In the Korean Natural Farming (KNF) tradition Sea Water is fermented to enhance its effectiveness.  Why not try both diluted and fermented options?  

Recipe:  Fermented Sea Water


1 Litre Sea Water

30 Litres Fresh Water

Cup of White Rice

1 Tablespoon Lucious-Leaf Fertiliser (Optional)

1 Tablespoon Fish Fertiliser (Optional) 

Method: Wash white rice well and retain a cup of the milky rice-wash water.  Add this to the diluted sea water along with any optional ingredients. Stir and allow to ferment until a scum forms on the surface.  Apply to your soil and plants.


Tip:  If you live too far from the beach you can make a Sea Water substitute by dissolving 35g of sea salt in a litre of fresh water.

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