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Worm-Juice Fertiliser or Worm Leachate is the liquid product of a Worm Farm.  Worm Farms, sometimes also referred to as Worm Cafes, Worm Composters or Worm Towers, can be quite expensive to purchase from gardening stores.  However it is often possible to pick up second hand unit far cheaper.  For those who prefer to make things themselves, there are a number of great designs and plans online.  The set up costs also include specialised compost worms, bedding, blankets and conditioners. 

Worm Farms can be tricky to master, particularly during hot and dry spells.  Finding the right spot in the garden (cool and dry) and tending to the worms with care is the secret to success.  As the worms begin consuming your organic waste they will produce the liquid leachate and solid worm castings or vermicast.  The leachate can be collected regularly from the tap at the bottom of the unit and this helps to maintain the optimal levels of moisture.  Worm-Juice should be diluted at 10% before applying it to plants and soil.  As with any fertiliser (particularly those based on animal bi-products) avoid applying to vegetables that are about to be harvested and washed and produce well before consumption. 

In addition to Worm Leachate, it is also possible to make Worm-Tea with the solid Worm Castings produced in the worm farm.  This microbial brew uses much the same basic recipe as Compost Tea.

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